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Desperately trying to find a meaning for my life...

...and the journey continues on.

This is my journal for people I know in real life only. I won't allow you to view this journal unless I know you as one of my friends IRL. So don't bother to friend me unless you know me outside of the internet and I know who you are.

In other words, this journal will be more personal, most likely. And I don't want people I don't know personally to view those sorts of things.

There will also be entries that cannot be viewed by anyone but myself. I know I don't have to tell you guys since you can't see them, but it's true.

Clear as mud? Crystal clear. Kthx.

I'll spiff this userinfo up one day. But for now...

Likes: Anime, manga, cosplay, yaoi, shonen ai, yaoi, shojo ai, yuri, drawing, internet, doujinshi, fanart, Christianity, anime conventions, violin, video games, television, track, roleplaying, anime/manga guys in glasses.

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